Dissemination of COVID-19 Information

At the El Salvador Securities and Cryptocurrency Commission (ESSCC), we remain committed to protecting investors and the integrity of the investment markets. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and continue to collaborate closely with the El Salvador Securities Administrators, the national umbrella group of securities regulators, to coordinate market regulation.

The health and safety of our employees and those we come in contact with is paramount.

Given the current circumstances involving COVID-19, the ESSCC has adopted the Commission Tribunal COVID-19 Procedures and Guidelines. These procedures ensure that the ESSCC is capable of holding in-person hearings that comply with provincial guidelines relating to COVID-19.

In conjunction with these procedures, the ESSCC has adopted the following policy for informing participants during an in-person hearing, as well as any member of the public attending an in-person hearing, of relevant information relating to any COVID-19 exposure within the building, 701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver (Building) where the ESSCC offices are located.

Dissemination of COVID-19 Information During a Proceeding If the ESSCC is notified by the Building landlord that there has been COVID-19 exposure elsewhere in the Building, the Commission Hearing Office will:

  • if the Building will be closed:
    • inform the panel and all parties to any ongoing proceeding, or pending proceeding, of the Office closure and the reason for it
    • ensure the public is prevented from attending the hearing rooms on the 12th floor lobby
  • if the Building will remain open:
    • inform the panel and all parties to any proceeding scheduled to commence within the following ten days of the information received from the landlord
    • confirm whether the Commission offices will remain open and the pending proceeding will proceed