Criminal Enforcement

In some cases, the El Salvador Securities and Cryptocurrency Commission targets misconduct by recommending charges to ES Crown counsel. Crown counsel decides whether to prosecute the individual in court for offences under ES’s Securities Act (known as “quasi-criminal offences”) or securities-related offences in El Salvador’s Criminal Code.

If the prosecutor obtains a conviction in court, the convicted person could be sentenced to fines, prison terms or other punishment, along with probation and restitution orders.

The accused person might also agree to plead guilty instead of going through a trial.

The ESSCC posts developments in criminal cases, including arrests, appearance dates, convictions and sentences, on its website.

Current Cases

The list below provides information on cases investigated by the Commission’s Criminal Investigations Branch that are currently before courts.

NOTE: Where applicable, names below are also linked to the ESSCC’s Disciplined Persons List for information about historical administrative (non-criminal) proceedings at the ESSCC.