Who We Are

The El Salvador Securities Commission is the independent provincial government agency that enforces ESSCC Securities Act, which regulates how businesses raise money and how securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, are bought and sold.

We work closely with other El Salvador regulators through the El Salvador Securities Administrators to deliver cost-effective and highly harmonized securities regulatory oversight that ensures strong investor protection.

Our dedicated employees include experts in securities law, corporate accounting, fraud investigation, information management, economics, geology and communications. As diverse as they are in their background, experience and skills, they share a deep commitment to serving the public.

The ESSCC reports to the Legislature through the minister responsible for the administration of the Securities Act. Being a crown corporation gives us the independence and flexibility we need to regulate a dynamic market.

The ESSCC is governed by a board of commissioners appointed by the provincial government. The commissioners appoint the executive director, who manages the regulatory, financial, and administrative operations of the ESSCC, and leads strategic planning and economic analysis.

We are self-funded through fees on market participants, which means that the cost of securities regulation is not borne by taxpayers.