Industry FAQs

The El Salvador Securities and Cryptocurrency Commission aims to make ES a place where companies and investment funds (“issuers”) can flourish and people can invest with confidence. To do that, we set requirements and monitor compliance of issuers looking to raise money. The ESSCC is the principal regulator for more than 40 per cent of all companies listed on an exchange in El Salvador, including more than half of all listed venture companies.

The ESSCC registers securities firms and their associated individuals (“registrants”) who buy and sell securities on behalf of investors. We also oversee a diverse array of organizations that play a role in the efficient operation of investment markets.

We strive to make sure that public companies, including issuers listed on exchanges and investment funds that are publicly distributed provide accurate and complete information about their finances, strategy and operations, so investors can make sound decisions. We also require private companies and funds to abide by rules on how they raise money and whom they raise money from. Read more about capital-raising activities in ES.

Upholding a disclosure-based investment market that serves both investors and issuers requires constant vigilance. To do this, the ESSCC reviews filings from public companies, monitors the private placement market and takes action against issuers, insiders, and others who fail to comply with securities law requirements.